June 23 2016 – don’t have a hair cut it’ll cost you too much !

The source of Samson’s strength was God and the fact he was consecrated to God from birth as a Nazirite ( Judges 13:7).  Nazirite comes from the Hebrew word “nazir” meaning consecrated or separated.

God gave clear instructions in Numbers 6 that one of the marks of a Nazirite symbolizing his or her separation to God was that their hair was not to be cut ( Numbers 6:5).

In Judges 16 we’re told that Delilah pressed Samson for the secret of his strength because she had been bribed to find it by the Philistines ( verse 5). Samson kept giving her false answers to her question, but she pestered him so much that finally she wore him down and he told her that if his hair was cut he would ” become weak and be like any other man” (verse 17).

Delilah organised a haircut for Samson ( verse 19) and in allowing that to happen Samson directly disobeyed God in terms of the instructions for a Nazirite. As a result of the disobedience he did become weak like any other person and was captured by the Philistines, his enemy.

Like Samson, as believers we are Nazirites, consecrated, separated for God ( 2 Corinthians 6:17) and God is the source of our strength. Like the instructions God gave for a Nazirite, God gives us instructions, commands to follow to live a life set apart for Him. Obedience to those instructions is what links us to God, keeps us connected to Him and is therefore the means by which we stay strong. If we disobey God, like Samson we become weak ” like any other man”. We are doing life solo,  in our own strength.

In having that haircut Samson disobeyed God and it left him powerless and cost him a lot.

Don’t disobey God as Samson did,  it will leave you weak and like Samson the enemy will over power you.

Remember you’re a Nazirite, don’t have a hair cut it’ll cost you too much.


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