June 21 2016 – rejected by men chosen by God.

The children of Israel were in need of a leader once again. The people of Ammon gathered against them ( Judges 10:17). The people were looking for a leader ( Judges 10:18) and so was God.We’re told His soul could no longer endure the misery of Israel ( Judges 10:16). The verse  paints a very human picture of God, having a soul, emotions that were moved on Israel’s behalf and so He sought to help her.

His choice of Israel’s next leader was an unlikely one. Jephthah a man who’s mother was a prostitute and for that reason was rejected by his brothers ( Judges 11:1-2). In their minds he didn’t even qualify to be a member of their family never mind leader of Israel. However Jephthah was God’s pick . The Spirit of the Lord came upon him and he delivered Israel from the Ammonites ( Judges 11: 29-33).

God often chooses the unlikely, unqualified and unoticed. He often chooses to use the last person people would expect. The stories of Jacob, Moses, Gideon, David, Jesus, Timothy prove that.

As believers we are part of an economy that is so different to the world. With God it isn’t about how many letters there after our name, or how well we rank in terms of qualities the world values such as charisma, intelligence, strength and persuasiveness of character.

With God it’s about our heart. If our heart is right the rest is secondary. He will find a way to take care of any lesser deficits we may have.

Like Jephthah, those rejected by men are chosen by God.


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