June 17 2016 – drawing from both of God’s wells.

In Judges chapter 3 we meet Othniel, one of the many deliverers of Israel.

What we’re told about him is a reminder of the two sources God equips us from to do His will. Both sources represent avenues through which He helps us, they are just different.

First we are told that Othniel was Caleb’s nephew ( verse 9). Caleb was one of the two faithful spies who spied out the Promised Land in Numbers 13. He followed God fully with all his heart ( Numbers 14:24 ). Othniel had good stock. His uncle had been courageous, a man of vision ready to deliver the children of Israel from their desert journey, into the Promised Land. Now God was raising him up to deliver. God had given Othniel certain strengths, qualities and giftings from his stock, by natural means from his ancestors. This was one source God equipped him from.

But then verse 10 says, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him. As well as equipping him naturally via his family line, God equipped him supernaturally through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Equipped from those two sources he delivered the children of Israel from their enemies and the land had rest ( verses 10 & 11 ).

To do whatever God calls us to do we need to appreciate and embrace his equipping from both these sources. The ways in which He has “naturally” equipped us, the strengths, qualities and giftings  He’s given us. But we must also be equipped by Him “supernaturally”, by His Holy Spirit.

It was Othniel’s “natural” strengths combined with the Spirit of God that enabled him to be God’s deliverer for the hour.

As we combine the natural strengths God has given us with the power of His Spirit we’ll achieve whatever He calls us to do.

As we draw from both those sources, both those God given wells we reach our full potential.

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