June 16 2016 – stay awake, we’re in a war !

Judges 2 & 3 describe an interesting phenomenon.

Because the children of Israel refused to fight the war of resisting being influenced and mislead by the gods of the nations around them ( Ch 2 verse 19 ), God left certain nations in the Promised Land to teach those who did not know war how to wage war, how to fight ( Ch 3 verse 1 & 2).

There is nothing worse than having an enemy but not realizing he is there. Acting as if there is no enemy. Failing to wage the war against the enemy’s values and ways as if they wont do us great harm. As if our enemy is not bent on our destruction.

God preferred to keep enemies in the land and therefore keep the children of Israel awake to the necessity of war, then let them fall into a false sense of security, asleep to the need for war, imagining they didn’t have enemies, or if they did they weren’t dangerous.

As God wanted them awake to war, so He wants us awake. God wants us aware we have an enemy, he is real and bent on our destruction. If we don’t live aware of that like the children of Israel we’ll have a false sense of security, be asleep to his tactics and schemes and be easy pickings when he comes against us.

Stay awake, we’re in war !


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