June 14 2016 – lifeless idols, lifeless life.

Psalm 135 verse 15-18 says:

15 The idols of the nations are silver and gold,
The work of men’s hands.
16 They have mouths, but they do not speak;
Eyes they have, but they do not see;
17 They have ears, but they do not hear;
Nor is there any breath in their mouths.
18 Those who make them are like them;
So is everyone who trusts in them.

The message of these verses is that idols, things that are the work of men’s hands, man’s ideas are lifeless, dead, and those who make them and serve them are similarly lifeless and dead.

When one reads those verses possibly what first comes to mind are the idols of the ancient world, figures and statues that looked like people or animals and had mouths, eyes and ears. But these verses are just as true of any idol, concrete or abstract, anything we make the centre of our life and are driven by. It can be a behaviour for instance exercise, a substance for instance alchohol, or a philosophy/ideology such as humanism.

The Bible is clear God is the source of life. Deuteronomy 30:20 says speaking of God ” He is your life”. Jesus who is God said in John 6:63 ” the words that I speak to you are spirit and they are life”. Life is found in God and His words. It is found by placing Him first in our lives and at the centre of our lives and therefore seeing things and embracing things as He does and living life as He prescribes.

Any  thing that takes us away from that is an idol, and just as the verses in Psalm 135 says, though it may have a mouth, though it may offer certain counsel for life it doesn’t speak the most accurate counsel. Though it has eyes offering a certain perspective and view of life it doesn’t have God’s eyes, offer His perfect perspective. Though it has ears and offers a certain level of comfort and consolation it doesn’t have God’s ears, it doesn’t grasp, appreciate our situation as He does.

As the verses warn, if we pursue those imperfect lifeless idols, we will move away from God’s best and become lifeless like them.

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