June 10 2016 – when our heart must rule the day.

Something the first verse of Psalm 131 tells us is that we won’t have the answer to everything. There are matters that are too great, too mysterious for us to understand and some things that are too profound, or as other versions put it, too difficult or wonderful for us to comprehend.

There is always going to be mystery in life. It is part of relating to a God who is infinitely wiser and greater than we are and part of living in a world that has fallen and our limited understanding of the impact that has had and the best way to sort out and resolve that impact.

So what do we do when we don’t understand ? As verse 2 talks about, we must learn from a child. When we exhaust the limits of our wisdom we must learn from those with least wisdom whose lack of wisdom is the very thing that causes them to act wisely and be our teachers.

Verse 2 speaks of a weaned child with its mother that is calm and quiet. It paints a picture of trust, of a child who no longer demands to be fed, demands a response. A child who has learnt to wait, to trust its parent,  and is made happy simply by the presence of its mother.

When we don’t know the answer we must calm and quiet our soul. Not fret and be okay to wait in a state of not understanding. We must be happy simply with our Father’s presence, the peace that gives us even if we don’t understand.

We must let our heart, our spirit rule the day, the peace that is there, not our head.

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