June 8 2016 -Plowed but free.

As believers we often wish we were free from the attack of the enemy. Free from the battle that is part of our faith. Paul said Timothy ” Fight the good fight of faith” ( 1 Timothy 6:12). The enemy constantly attacks us to rob us of our freedom.

This reality is depicted in Psalm 129.

In verses 1 & 2 the psalmist says that many a time the enemy had afflicted him from his youth and attacked him, but had not prevailed.

Being spiritually attacked is normal, par for the course. It will happen all our lives, from our youth and though unpleasant it is not a problem. The only problem is if the enemy prevails as talked about in verse 2. The same message is found in verses 3 & 4. The psalmist’s enemies are depicted as plowers who had plowed his back and made their furrows long. Their attack was that close, intimate and painful leaving furrows in his back. However despite the attack being that severe the Lord had cut their cords ( verse 4). The wicked had not been able to bind and enslave the psalmist.

The enemies attack in our life may be fierce, leaving furrows in our back. It may be that painful. Unfortunately it happens it is his nature to attack like that, but that isn’t what matters. What matters is that his attacks don’t tie us with cords, don’t bind or enslave us.

The enemy may plow our back but must never rob us of our freedom.

There maybe pain but we must not lose our liberty.


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