June 7 2016 – from being nephews to becoming sons-in-law.

In Joshua 15 verse 13 we read about Caleb being given land which he had been told he would get because he had brought a favourable report about the Promised Land to the children of Israel in Numbers 13.

In verse 14 we’re told he drove the 3 sons of Anak, 3 giants out of his land. Caleb was a courageous, fearless fighter. He then went up to  Kirjath Sepher and said that whoever attacked it and took it would be rewarded by receiving his daughter as his wife. So Othniel Caleb’s nephew took the city and was given Caleb’s daughter. ( verses 15- 17).

Othniel was related to Caleb and obviously had something of his uncle’s fighting spirit. Having taken the city Othniel became even more closely related to him becoming his son-in-law.

Othniel’s experience can be ours. As believers we are related to Jesus and His Spirit rises up in us to take  territory from the enemy as Othniel took the city of Kirjath Sepher. The Spirit rises up in us to conquer fears, overcome weakness and gain God’s control where the enemy has control.

Having “taken the city”, won the fight though we were related to Jesus before we become more closely related to Him. The more territory  we take from the enemy the more closely we relate to Jesus, the more intimate we become with Him.

Our experience moves from being nephews to becoming sons-in-law.

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