May 31 2016 – Extending the protective blessing.

When Rahab hid and protected the two spies sent by Joshua to spy out Jericho in Joshua chapter 2, she asked them to spare her and her family’s lives when the children of Israel as enemies of Jericho, attacked the city ( verses 12 & 13 ).

Rahab sought to extend protective blessing beyond herself to those she cared about. The spies granted her her desire on two conditions that she tie a scarlet cord in the window through which she let the spies down to escape and that she bring all her family members into her own home ( verse 18). Without the scarlet cord hanging in her window and for any who were outside her home there would be no protection.

Today the enemy Satan attacks us and those we love and care about. Some of them maybe outside the protective blessing of following Christ. How can we optimize the possibility of extending God’s protective blessing to them. I would suggest by doing the two things Rahab was told to do.

First of all hang a scarlet cord from our window. The scarlet cord in Rahab’s window identified her home from all the other homes on the walls of Jericho, it would have marked it, made it stand out, look different. We must live lives before those we love and care about that are identifiable as being committed to Christ. They must be lives that are marked, that stand out, that look different, ¬†because of the Christ likeness we display.

Secondly bring those we love and care about into our home. A home is a place where we have opportunity to express in a pretty intimate, close setting who, what we are impacting those we invite into it. Seek opportunities to directly express Christ likeness, to those we love and care about.

Those two things will be significant factors in optimizing the possibility that those dear to us who don’t know Christ, will be drawn to Him and follow Him, extending the protective blessing we enjoy to them.

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