May 27 2016 – leaving a good legacy.

Deuteronomy 34 is the account of the end of Moses’ life. It describes how Moses left a good legacy, how he continued to have godly influence on the children of Israel after he was gone.

Like Moses, a life well lived will leave a good legacy, will have godly influence after it is over.

How Moses achieved that is described in verse 10, his close walk with God. Nothing will cause our life to have more influence for God on future generations than developing a close walk with Him. As verse 10 puts it, knowing Him “…face to face “.

Moses’ close walk with God directly influenced the children of Israel. As verse 12 says the miracles it led to were “…performed in the sight of all Israel”.  We all have a sphere of influence and our lives are lived “in the sight of” that sphere of people. The more closely we walk with God the more we will directly influence those people for God during our life time and after we are gone.

Moses’ close walk with God also influenced the Children of Israel indirectly. Verse 9 describes how Joshua was full of wisdom because Moses had laid his hands on him. It’s a reminder of the influence and impact Moses had on Joshua. The verse goes on to say that because of the wisdom imparted to Joshua the children of Israel heeded him and did as the Lord had commanded Moses. What the Lord commanded Moses the children of Israel continued to do because of Moses’ influence and impact on Joshua. Via Joshua Moses influenced the children of Israel after he was gone.

Like Moses if we maintain a close walk with God we will directly and indirectly influence future generations for God. We will directly influence those who observed our life first hand, who we lived ” in the sight of “, and we will have influence indirectly via individuals our life impacted and shaped whom others heed.

Walking closely with God is the best way to leave a good legacy.




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