May 26 2016 – gentle teaching to tender hearts.

In Deuteronomy 32 verse 2 a quiet and gentle picture is given of how God’s teaching alights on our heart. It says:

Let my teaching drop as the rain,
My speech distill as the dew,
As raindrops on the tender herb,
And as showers on the grass.

This is in stark contrast to how the teaching, the law was given at Mt Sinai when there were thunderings, lightnings, thick cloud and the sound of a trumpet and the effect was that the people trembled and stood at a distance ( Exodus 19:16 & 20:18).

If God’s Word came to our heart like that we may well tremble and stand at a distance but it doesn’t. As this verse says, it comes like the rain, it distills as the dew, as raindrops on the tender herb and showers on the grass.

Not only is the teaching described in quiet gentle terms, but the object it lands on ( our heart ) is described in similar tender, delicate, fragile terms….the tender herb, the grass. Our heart is delicate, fragile, easily scarred off and so God brings His teaching to us quietly, tenderly, gently.

In fact sometimes it’s the quietness with which God speaks that causes us to miss what He is saying. We may be expecting thunder and lightning like Mt Sinai, but His voice is gentle and quiet….like the voice that spoke to Elijah in 1 Kings 19:12 ” ….a still small voice”.

Don’t miss the teaching, instruction, the voice of God alighting on your heart. It doesn’t comes as a deluge or a flood to knock us over but rather as a gentle distilling dew to the tender herb of our heart.

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