May 25 2016 – we’re always on His mind.

The Psalmist says in verse 12 of Psalm 115:

” The Lord has been mindful of us”

In other words, we are on the Lord’s mind. Isn’t that a comfort a blessing to know. Sometimes the way we feel, the way circumstances look, we find that hard to believe. It feels and looks as if we are the last thing on His mind. When that is the case I think we do well to remember another verse in this Psalm, verse 3;

” ….Our God is in heaven; He does whatever He pleases.”

The statement that our God is in heaven, doesn’t just tell us where He is. Heaven is perfect. It’s a reminder that whatever God does, He acts with perfect wisdom, timing and knowledge. Whether he seemingly intervenes on our behalf or not, He is perfect in what He does or doesn’t do, all the time.

As verse 12 says, we can be sure we are on God’s mind, on His mind for good, to increase us more and more as verse 14 puts it. When the way He acts or doesn’t act puzzles us, makes us question whether we are on His mind, lets remember what verse 3 says, that our God is in heaven. His wisdom and ways are far above ours and we must entrust ourselves to Him, still believe we are on His  mind even when we don’t understand what is He is doing or what is going on.

We can be sure, we are always on His mind.

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