May 24 2016 – 3 steps to life and blessing.

In Deuteronomy 30 Moses gave the children of Israel the bare bones of how they would enjoy the blessing of God.

In verse 15 he said in effect, ” You have a choice, life and good or death and evil “. In the next verse he gave them 3 steps to take to embrace and enjoy life.

He told them… love God (give Him their heart)… walk in His ways ( give Him their will)…..and to keep His commandments ( to keep doing these things, guard that position, persevere, remain consistent ).

The choice is presented again 4 verses later and the 3 directives repeated.

Verse 19 Moses says to the people, he has set before them life and death, blessing and cursing, and in the next verse he repeated the 3 steps of how they were to chose life.

Love God ( give Him their heart), obey His voice ( give Him their will), and cling to Him ( guard that position, keep doing those things, persevere, remain consistent in them).

Though this was written to the Israelites under the law, nothing has changed. Everyday, every moment in fact, we are faced with the choice of life or death, blessing or cursing.

We chose life the same way they did by loving God ( giving Him our heart), obeying Him ( giving Him our will), and clinging to Him ( keeping on loving Him and obeying Him, guarding that position, persevering, remaining consistent in it ).

Those are the 3 timeless steps to life and blessing.


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