May 23 2016 – don’t let your walls fail you.

In Deuteronomy 28, God warned His people what would happen if they stopped trusting and serving Him. In verse 52 he said He would bring a nation against them who would besiege them at all their gates, until their high and fortified walls in which they trusted came down throughout all their land.

When we don’t trust God by serving and obeying Him, we trust in other things. However secure, wise and sure those things seem to be they will not protect and keep us.  Like the children of Israel’s walls however high and fortified they are, they will come down and fail us.

The truth is the children of Israel’s high and fortified walls only protected them in as much as God protected and covered them. It wasn’t primarily the walls that kept their enemies at bay it was God who used the walls.

God gives us walls to protect us from enemies. The wall of finances to protect us from poverty. The walls of intelligence, education and training to protect us from being unproductive and lacking purpose. The wall of family and friends to protect us from loneliness. These walls protect us from these enemies in as much as we trust God to protect us and keep them out of our lives.

If we trust in the walls themselves, our finances, our intelligence, our relationships to ultimately protect us and give us a good life, like the children of Israel we will find however high and fortified they are, however much money & intelligence we have and however many well balanced relationships we enjoy, those walls will fail us. Our life will lack blessing and fulfilling productivity and purpose and we will experience a deep loneliness.

If we don’t primarily trust in God as our wall, our own high and fortified walls will fail us.


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