May 20 2016 – finding real prosperity.

God’s economy is very different to ours. In our economy you take to get and if you don’t take you lose. In God’s economy you give to get and if you don’t give you lose.

In Deuteronomy 23 verse 19 God told His people that when they lent money they were not to charge interest. That’s foreign to our thinking. We think that’s only fair after all one could have had that money in the bank gaining interest.

But God told His people not to charge interest so that they would be blessed ( verse 20). When we give or don’t charge interest we make a deposit in God’s bank account that He gives back to us with interest. The interest is His blessing and is far more valuable than monetary interest.

His blessing may not come back to us in monetary form but it will come back as blessing to our soul. Our bank account may not even prosper but our soul will and if you think about it that’s exactly why people try to prosper their bank account. It’s not primarily about the account it’s about their soul, so it will prosper.

That’s what everybody is really after, soul prosperity and whereas our natural mind tells us one achieves that by amassing money, Deuteronomy 23:19 reminds us that it is in fact the opposite. It is in giving we prosper our soul.

It’s in giving we find real prosperity.

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