May 19 2016 – God the great healer of heart & soul wounds.

As we grew up we all took tumbles and falls and may have the scars to prove it. We all took hits and negotiated some physical wounds. But physical wounds are not the only types of wounds we may have experienced in our past.

All of us have heart/soul wounds. Wrong done to us in our past, by omission or commission, done by others or ourselves, wounds us. In Psalm 109 David talks about heart/soul wounds. In verse 16 he talks about ” ….the broken in heart”, and in verse 22 he says…

” …my heart is wounded within me. “

For physical wounds we go to the doctor, but what do we do with soul wounds ? David went to God, verse 26 ” Help me, O Lord my God! Oh, save me according to Your mercy….”. 

God wants to heal our heart/soul wounds. All that has shaped us negatively due to wrong that’s been done to us or we have done to ourselves He wants to replace with wholeness and health that comes from Him. And all that has shaped us negatively because of things others failed to do for us or we failed to do for ourselves He wants to make up for.

That is a big part of what our relationship with Him is meant to be. A journey through which we experience Him healing our heart and soul wounds. Sometimes that simply happens between us and God, our personal encounter of Him as we pursue and obey Him.

Sometimes it involves others. They may be agents through which His healing comes. They may counsel us or in some way help us negotiate our way out of our woundedness and dysfunction into God’s healing and wholeness for us. The journey will look different for all of us.

What matters is that we experience God the great healer of heart and soul wounds.


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