May 17 2016 – being good kings.

In Deuteronomy 17 verses 14-20 God gave his people principles that would govern a king if the day came that they had one.

Kings were people who were to relate to their people and have influence. We all relate to people and have influence and in that sense we all do what kings do.

Two principles given for the kings to follow are two we would benefit from in any relationship, and position of influence.

First God said the kings were not to multiply horses, wives, silver or gold for themselves ( verses 16-17). In other words kings were not to relate to their subjects or use their power and influence for themselves. We must guard against being in any relationship or position of influence for ourselves. It is a misunderstanding of what relationships and influence are for. They are to reflect God who is always in relationship for the other party and uses His influence to give not to get.

Secondly the king was to have his own copy of the law, that he wrote out and read all the days of his life ( verses 18-20). That way He was to be very familiar with God’s law and therefore with God Himself. That’s a reminder that the source of all good healthy relationships and  good influence is God Himself, familiarity with God. That we nurture and maintain a close walk with Him.

That’s the only way we will conduct healthy relationships and bring healthy influence into what ever sphere of influence God has given us.

It’s the only way we’ll be good kings.

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