May 16 2016 – God not His blessings, is our soul’s primary source of prosperity.

In Psalm 106 the Psalmist recounts the failures of the children of Israel in their deliverance out of Egypt and journey to the Promised Land. One of the occasions referenced are the events of Numbers chapter 11 when the people complained about the diet they were getting, wanting meat to eat rather than just manna.

Moses and God were displeased with the people. Moses because of the burden their complaint put on him in trying to meet their request, and God because of their ingratitude for what He had provided and their focus on what they didn’t have rather than what they did.

Verse 15 says that God granted them their request (for meat), but sent leanness to their soul. That statement is a reminder of the true source of our soul’s wellness and prosperity.

Our soul’s primary source of prosperity is God himself, His life, joy and peace. The things God blesses us with over and above that, such as material and relational blessings, are “add-ons”, they are the icing on the cake . If like the children of Israel we look to those things to be the primary source of our soul’s prosperity and well being, what happened to them will happen to us. We may well get what we want, the car, the house, the promotion, whatever it maybe, but our soul will be left lean, wanting.

God’s blessings can never replace God Himself as the source of our soul’s prosperity.

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