May 9 2016 – we are not islands, we are connected.

In Deuteronomy 3 verse 18-20 Moses reiterates to the children of Israel the events of Numbers 32, where the tribe of Reuben and Gad did not want to cross over to the west side of the Jordan, but rather to settle on the east side. But Moses confronted them ( Numbers 32: 6-9) by asking them whether their brethren should go to war while they sat on the east side of the Jordan. Such action would discourage the other tribes from going over and possessing the land God had given them on the west side of the Jordan, just as the ten spies had discouraged the people from entering Canaan after spying it out in Numbers 13 verse 27 on.

It’s a reminder that we are not islands. We affect and influence one another. Moses was saying to the tribe of Gad and Reuben, if you don’t do your part, others could be adversely affected and not inherit what God intended them to have.

This is still true to day. If any of us don’t walk in all God calls us to it will not only affect us, it affects others. We will enter into less than what God has for us, but so will others. We must walk in all God calls us to for our sake and God’s sake, but also for the sake of others, so they don’t become discouraged, and short changed of God’s plans and purposes for their life.

We are not islands. We are connected our lives affecting one another.


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