May 6 2016 – God’s strength and beauty in His sanctuary.

Psalm 96 verse 6 speaking of God says:

“…strength and beauty are in His sanctuary.”

God’s sanctuary refers to His temple where He lived and what was in God’s sanctuary reflected God Himself. God is the source of strength and beauty.

Taking beauty first, God gives moral beauty to our life, removing what is unvirtuous and replacing it with what is virtuous and good. As we possess more and more moral beauty it brings a functional beauty to our life. Our relationships become more beautiful as we relate to others as we should, seeing them and treating them the way God does. Our life itself becomes more beautiful,meaning we live a life that is more and more a reflection of what God meant it to be, His blueprint for our life. We walk increasingly in what He has called us to be, fulfilling His destiny for our life.

God not only gives us beauty but also strength, the power to be beautiful. We cannot be beautiful in our own strength. It is only as we tap into God’s strength through Christ that we are able to walk in the moral and functional beauty God desires for us and that reflects Him.

Just as strength and beauty were in God’s sanctuary in the Old Testament, now they should be in us, because we are His sanctuary, His temple. We are where He dwells. His presence brings His strength and beauty to our lives.

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