May 5 2016 – God’s formula for rest.

Psalm 95:11 speaks of God’s rest. We all want rest, peace and the preceding verses give us God’s formula for entering His rest.

It’s very simple. It starts in verse 7 that talks about hearing God’s voice. The first step in entering God’s rest is to hear His voice. To know what He’s saying to us. That comes 90% of the time through His Word, so we need to get familiar with it. We hear His voice when the Living Word speaks to us through the written Word.

Verse 8 gives us the second step. It talks of not hardening our hearts. Step number 2 we must keep a soft heart towards God, pliable, malleable, surrendered.

Then thirdly, the same verse talks about the day of rebellion. We musn’t rebel. The opposite of rebellion is obedience. That’s the third step that we obey when we hear God’s voice, that we do what He is telling us to do. If our heart is soft ( step 2) it will express itself and lead to obedience, it must. Turning that around, disobedience always represents a heart issue, hardness of heart.

So there it is, God’s simple formula for rest, peace:

1)Hear His voice ( verse 7) 2) Keep our heart soft ( verse 8) 3) Obey ( don’t rebel, verse 8).

Take those 3 steps and we will enter God’s rest, spoken of in verse 11, every time.


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