May 4 2016 – boundaries matter.

In Numbers 34 God very clearly told the children of Israel what the boundaries of Canaan their new homeland, their new country were to be.

Why are the boundaries of a country important? If they’re not clearly defined those living in areas where they were not sure which country they lived in, would not know which country to take directives from. They also would not know whose laws to follow, which country to take their cues from because every country has different laws. Life would be confusing and unhealthy.

In a similar way our own personal boundaries are important.

If we are not clear in the boundaries we keep with other people we wont be sure where to take our directives from. We may take them from God speaking to us, but we will also tend to take them from elsewhere. From what others want us to do, think we should do, would like us to do and life becomes confusing, exhausting and unhealthy.

If we don’t have clear boundaries when it comes to values and morals, not being clear whose kingdom we are living in God’s or the world, we wont know where to take our cues from. From God and His Word or elsewhere….what others are doing, the media or the latest fad ? Again life gets confusing and unhealthy.

Boundaries matter, to countries and to us. Without them life is confusing and unhealthy.

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