April 28 2016- don’t let sin blind you and make you more foolish than a donkey !

Numbers 22-24 is the story of Balaam the prophet who Balak the king of Moab called on to curse Israel ( 22:5-6). Balak offered him money to do this ( 22:7) and we know from the New Testament that Balaam loved money more than God, more than doing right ( 2 Peter 2:15 ).

When the messengers from Balak came the first time God told Balaam not to go ( Numbers 22:12). When they came a second time Balaam, not satisfied with God’s initial directive because he wanted the money Balak was offering him, went back to God hoping He would change His mind ( Numbers 22:19).

Eventually Balaam did go with Balak’s messengers, with the sin of the love of money in his heart. It blinded Balaam to the angel God sent to stop him ( 22:22-27, 31) and made him more foolish than his own donkey who became his counselor ( 22:28-30).

Like Balaam sin blinds us whether it’s the love of money, jealousy, fear, pride, whatever it may be. And like Balaam it makes us foolish, more foolish than a donkey, unable to see the danger we run headlong into !

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