April 27 2016 – learning to fall on our face.

In Numbers 20 verse 6 we’re told Moses and Aaron fell on their faces.

Moses regularly fell on his face. It happened in Numbers 16:4 in response to Korah’s accusation that Moses had exalted himself above the children of Israel, that he was a self elevated, self appointed leader. It happened in Numbers 16:22 as an act of intervention and intercession to God on behalf of the children of Israel who God was going to consume, destroy, because of Korah’s rebellion against Moses and Aaron. It happened in Numbers 16:45, again as an act of intervention and intercession on behalf of the people who God was going to consume because of their complaining. And then it happened again here in Numbers 20, in response to the people quarreling with Moses and complaining that he had brought them to an evil place. Moses fell on his face, once again to save the people from God’s wrath and petition Him to meet their need.

In Korah’s rebellion Moses falling on his face was an act of humility and surrender, Moses placing the whole situation in God’s hands, away from his or any other person’s opinion. It was an appeal that God would be judge. On the other occasions it was an act again of humility but also great grace and compassion.

Like Moses we must learn to fall on our face when we face criticism, pressures and opportunities to draw on God’s goodness on behalf of others. It’s a rich act, full of humility, surrender, faith and the heart of God.

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