April 26 2016 – have integrity, be a good apple!

In Psalm 86 the writer says in verses 11 & 12

11 …unite my heart to fear Your name.
12 I will praise You, O Lord my God, with all my heart…

He makes two statements related to integrity, that his heart will be united and that he will praise God with all his heart.

The word integrity is derived from the word interger which means a whole number as oppose to a fraction. Integrity has to do with being whole and undivided. It is the opposite of duplicity where someone has a divided heart, divided interests. As a result they are not what they appear to be. What you see is not what you get, because beneath the surface something else is going on.

An apple that looks good from the outside and is good on the inside has integrity. Where one that looks good on the outside but is rotten on the inside does not.

Integrity is very important to God that’s why He wants us to have hearts that are united, whole, undivided in their love for Him. He doesn’t want only part of our heart loving Him. He doesn’t want the loyalty of our heart divided. As the psalmist did He also wants us to praise Him with all our heart, not just part of it, while the other part is ambivalent, distracted.

If we do those two things we’ll have integrity. We’ll be all we appear to be, through and through….a good apple !

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