April 22 2016 – beware of the mixed multitude.

In Numbers 11 verse 4 we are told that “the mixed multitude” among the children of Israel yielded to intense cravings”, influencing the children of Israel who then ” wept and said ” who will give us meat to eat ?””.

This mixed multitude probably represented Egyptians who had come out of Egypt with the children of Israel ( Exodus 12:38). So there were foreigners among the children of Israel and they were the ones who initially who didn’t like the diet of manna they were being given in the wilderness  (verse 6&7), they wanted meat.

This dissatisfaction with God’s provision displeased Him so He sent a plague among the people (verse 33 ). It displeased God because it represented a lack of faith in Him knowing and providing what was best and an ungrateful attitude for what He had provided.

Do we ever not like the diet God sends us, not our physical diet, but any aspect of our experience in walking, journeying with Him. Are we tempted to complain….complain that God in some way is not providing for us, in the way we want or think He should ? Are we developing an ungrateful attitude?

You can be sure if we are, it represents the “mixed multitude” amongst us. It represents something of Egypt ( our old life, our flesh ) that is still with us, and we need to get rid of.

Beware of the “mixed multitude”, they easily can influence us to grumble and complain.

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