April 18 2016 – being God’s strength & glory.

Psalm 78 verse 61 is an interesting verse. It says we are to those around us what God is to us. Speaking of God’s people it says:

61 And delivered His strength into captivity,
And His glory into the enemy’s hand.

God’s people are referred to as His strength and His glory. God is our strength and glory and yet His people were to be an expression, a reflection of that strength and glory on earth. His strength and glory were to be evident and seen in them, so that in that sense they were His strength and glory, they embodied and expressed these attributes of His.

We represent and reflect God when there is nothing in the way to obstruct His light and life shinning through us and reflecting from us. The challenge is not so much to be something for God, but to keep ourselves out of the way, out of the picture so that He shines through us and is reflected by us.

Our lives are like mirrors and the cleaner we keep our mirror, the more free of grime, dust, dirt and foreign matter the more accurately it will reflect God’s strength and glory and we will fulfill the amazing privilege and responsibility we have to be God’s strength and glory to those around us.

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