April 14 2016 – protecting our delicate temple.

The writer of Psalm 74 describes the destruction and havoc that God’s enemies wreaked in the temple ( verses 3-7). He talks of them breaking down its carved work with axes and hammers. The carvings were delicate work ( 1 Kings 6:18). Their behaviour was brutal and barbaric, in this delicate, fragile environment.

Of course we are now the temple of God and like the temple of the Old Testament the human spirit is a delicate, fragile place. The smallest thing can affect it. We can have an experience that may trigger a memory, something in our past and in moments it can produce a flood of feelings and emotions that can affect our spirit positively or negatively.

Like the enemies of Israel in the Old Testament our enemy Satan wants to come and wreak havoc in our temple, in our spirit, in that delicate place, and if we don’t have God’s help that’s what he’ll do, flooding our hearts with fear, doubt or some other weapon to paralyze us .

We are no match to Satan’s brutal barbaric attacks. The only protection against them is God. As verse 12 of the psalm says,

12 For God is my King from of old,
Working salvation in the midst of the earth.

We must look to God, He’s the only way to protect our delicate temple.


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