April 13 2016 – seeing things from “the sanctuary of God”.

The writer of Psalm 73 expresses some honest sentiments about things he observed in life and how they made him feel, such as the envy he felt at the prosperity of the wicked ( verse 3), and the futility he felt in pursuing God because the ungodly were at ease and grew richer while he was plagued/afflicted and chastened/punished ( verses 12-14).

He talked of the effect of only looking at life from this earthly human perspective, that it had almost made his feet stumble, his steps slip ( verse 2) and it produced pain ( verse 16).

But everything was different when he ” went into the sanctuary of God” ( verse 17). There things made a lot more sense, he got a higher view of things and saw the big picture. He saw the end from the beginning and it put things in perspective.

Today we can see things just from a human, earthly perspective and it can cause life to be confusing, a riddle, a mystery, or we can go “into the sanctuary of God”, see things from His perspective, according to His Word and it makes a whole lot more sense, taking the  the mystery, the puzzlement out of life.

The Psalmist says ” I went into the sanctuary of God; then I understood”. We must make a habit of going into the sanctuary of God, so we will understand. Of getting alone with God and getting into His Word, so we see things from ” the sanctuary of God “, as He sees them, giving us a better, truer understanding of life.

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