April 8 2016 – “I am the Lord your God” touches everything.

Leviticus 19 opens in verse 2 with the phrase ” You shall be holy, for I the Lord your God am holy”. God told His people they were His and He wanted them to reflect Him, represent Him.

The rest of the chapter unpackages what that looked like. The chapter is punctuated numerous times with the reminder by God to His people, ” I am the Lord your God”, reinforcing the truth introduced at the beginning of the chapter and giving more details of what it meant for them to look like God.

Lets see what God highlighted with that reminder and what it implied in their lives.

Verse 3, parents were to be honoured. It affected family relationships. Verse 4, they were to have no idols. It demanded the full devotion of their hearts. Verse 10, they were to remember and give to the poor. It demanded they were generous, big hearted, keeping their focus beyond themselves.Verses 24&25 they were to give to God all the fruit of a tree they planted in the fourth year, but could eat the fruit in the fifth. It demanded they put God first. Verse 34 they were to be good to strangers just as God had been good to them when they were strangers in Egypt. It demanded they treat others as God had treated them.

Alot was implied by the fact the Lord was their God. It affected every area of their life.

Nothing has changed. If we call the Lord our God, the God of the Bible our God, we must reflect, represent Him and that affects and influences every area of our life.

As Christians God says to us, ” I am the Lord your God” and it touches everything.



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