April 1 2016 – a daily sacrifice.

In the book of Leviticus, one thing that stands out in God’s instructions to His people about the sacrifices and offerings they were to make and their associated practices, is that they were to happen regularly or perpetually. So in Leviticus 6 we read the law of the burnt offering which involved a fire burning on the altar which was never to go out ( verse 13). In verses 20-22 we read of the offering Aaron and his sons were to make to the Lord. It was to be made morning and night, and it was a statute God gave them forever. It was to happen day in and day out.

The ongoing, perpetual nature of the offerings and sacrifices made to God, happening day in and day out are a reminder of the kind of sacrifice we are to make to God. It needs to be ongoing, perpetual, daily. It is like any relationship we are committed to, marriage being the best example. Marriage is both a one time decision ( on our wedding day) and a lifelong, daily decision. To truly uphold and walk out the one time commitment we made, we must recommit ourselves everyday.

It is the same in our relationship with God. It is a one time decision (the day we come to faith in Christ) which will only be kept alive by a daily decision, recommitting ourselves to it everyday.

Paul says we are living sacrifices ( Romans 12:1). Again it’s a one time sacrifice, decision maintained by a daily sacrifice and decision.

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