March 31 2016 – loving God means loving people.

In today’s reading in Leviticus chapter 6, the principle of restitution was taught by God to His people. If a person sinned against another person and it involved that person losing an asset, the guilty party was not only to offer a trespass offering to God ( verse 6) acknowledging their sin against Him, but they were also to restore to the person what they had stolen adding a fifth of its value ( verse 4 & 5 ). This was to be done on the day they offered their trespass offering ( verse 5 ).

This law makes the strong link between our life towards God and our life towards our fellow man. It reminds us that God is not only concerned with how we treat Him but also how we treat others. In fact the two are inseparable. God saying restitution to the wronged person was to be made on the same day the trespass offering was made to Him, was like God saying ” Business with me is not over until business with your fellow man is over “. Loving God and loving people are inseparable, our love for Him being completed and given full expression by our love for others.

Our vertical relationship with God, is completed by right action in our horizontal relationship with people.

Loving God means loving people.


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