March 30 2016 – a laughable idea !

In Psalm 59 David touches on what is one of our deepest fears. Speaking of the wicked attacking the innocent he writes in verse 7, that they say ” Who hears? “

The wicked insinuate that no one hears. No one hears the prayers, the cry for help of the innocent. That translates into the wicked telling the innocent ” You’re alone, you’ve been abandoned, forgotten, you’re isolated with no help”.

Alot is implied by that small malicious question.

The next verse ( verse 8) tells us God’s reaction to their question. He laughs at it, and holds “the nations” again referring to the wicked, in derision. In other words He ridicules and mocks their question and what it implies.

God is telling us something here. When Satan attacks us with lies such as” No one hears your prayers, God doesn’t hear your cries for help, you’re alone, abandoned, forgotten”, God’s reaction tells us that that idea is a laughable, to be ridiculed and completely ignored. The idea that God would abandon those He loves is ridiculous, because it is so contrary to who He is and what He’s all about.

Remember whatever is going on in our life, the idea God has forgotten or abandoned us,  is laughable !


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