March 28 2016 – Do we wake the dawn or does the dawn wake us ?

David says in Psalm verse 8,” I will awaken the dawn”. If we awaken the dawn, we are up before the dawn, we get a jump on the dawn.

That speaks to me of a whole way of living. The dawn speaks to me of our life here on earth, our circumstances, whatever we face in a day. Do our circumstances get a jump on us or do we get a jump on them? Do our circumstances control and dictate our life and experience, or do we live above our circumstances and in that sense control them and dictate to them. Do we live as the head or the tail ?

We of all people are those who can live above our circumstances. David touches on how we do that in this Psalm, verse 7 ” My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast”. When we face difficulties do we draw our conclusions from our circumstances and the emotions they stir, or do we plumb our heart where the Spirit of God dwells and draw on the truth He stirs, that God is always good, always at work, always true to His Word and promises, which we can declare over circumstances, bringing His power, influence and change to them.

Do we chose to remain steadfast in that ?

Do  we wake the dawn or does the dawn wake us ?


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