March 25 2016 – the double edged sword of truth.

David speaking of God says in Psalm 54:5

He will repay my enemies for their evil.
Cut them off in Your truth.

David speaks here of literal enemies. He wrote this psalm when Saul was pursuing him seeking to kill him. He sought God to literally cut off his enemies in light of his innocence and their evil.

We don’t face physical enemies today. Our enemies are spiritual, invisible and internal. This verse is a clue as to what they are. David speaks of God cutting off his enemies in His truth. Our enemies today are the opposite of truth and are counteracted by truth. They are lies coming from our enemy Satan, the father of lies. Just as Saul sought to kill David these enemies seek to kill us, to snuff out our spiritual life.

Our solution is the same as David’s. God’s Truth. Truth cuts off the lies Satan pitches at us. God’s Word is truth ( Psalm 119:160) and it is also a double edged sword ( Hebrews 4:12). Truth is therefore a double edged sword. It is double edged because it brings the solution, the remedy, the help a situation needs while at the same time it cuts off what aggravates the situation, the lies Satan tries to attack and damage us with. It cuts off our enemies.

Truth is both defensive and offensive. Defensive in bringing life and healing to our wounds and offensive in attacking what causes them in the first place. It is both a remedy that promotes healing and an antidote against what harm us.

Don’t neglect….the double edged sword of truth.

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