March 11 2016 – whatever we magnify has greatest influence.

David says in Psalm 40:16:

16 ….Let such as love Your salvation say continually,
“The Lord be magnified!”

…in other words let those who are seeking God’s help, intervention and saving grace say continually ” The Lord be magnified!”.

Whatever we magnify has greatest influence.

As soon as I see that word “magnified” it takes me back to my childhood when we would use a magnifying glass to focus the rays of the sun on something like some dry leaves and ignite them. By focusing the sun’s rays to a point we caused the sun to have greater influence and impact on the leaves, so much so it’s heat ignited them. The leaves were completely changed from something dry and dead to something on fire.

As I used to magnify the rays of the sun on leaves we need to magnify God’s grace and power in our lives. David tells us how, by continually saying ” The Lord be magnified”. What we confess we will do. We will focus on God, and He will be magnified, He will get bigger while our weakness and inadequacy get smaller. God’s power and grace will be focused into our lives and situations, changing them from being weak, dry and dead to being ignited, on fire and alive, with His grace and power.

God will change everything because…..whatever we magnify has greatest influence.

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