March 9 2016 – turning problems into passages.

In Exodus chapter 14 the Red Sea initially presented a problem to the Children of Israel, but in the end it served them. God wants us to have the same experience when we face problems. What initially seems negative and something that works against us He wants to turn around into something that serves us.

In verse 9 & 10 we see the Red Sea was a problem. It lay on one side of the children of Israel preventing them from going forward, while their approaching enemy the Egyptians lay on the other. The Sea hemmed them in giving them no way of escape.

Miraculously God parted the Red Sea ( v.21 ) so that what had been an impossible obstacle to negotiate became something they went through and their way of escape from the predicament they were in. They passed through it on dry ground, and its waters were a wall on the right hand and left ( v. 22) . It turned from being a problem that hindered them to a passage that helped them, both as a way of escape and an occasion when they saw God’s power and goodness at work.

Like the Children of Israel we come to Red Seas, obstacles, problems that cause us difficulty and potential harm. God wants us to benefit from our Red Seas the same way the Children of Israel benefited from theirs. He wants to turn them from problems that hinder us to passages that help us, in that we find God’s way through them, and in doing so see evidence of His power, love and care for us.

For instance a Red Sea might be that we lose our job, producing pressure from one side, while our mounting bills, like the pursuing Egyptians produce pressure from the other ! God wants to part our Red Sea, providing for us in the midst of our income “drying up” , in the process demonstrating His power and love to us, turning a problem into a passage. Taking us from our problem to His solution and a greater knowledge and experience of Him.

Just as He did for the Children of Israel, God is still in the business of turning problems into passages.

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