March 4 2016 – A hand in a glove!

In Exodus 3, verse 7 God described a problem He saw, the oppression of His people in Egypt, and in verse 8 He described the solution. He would deliver His people. God’s hand was going to deliver them from the Egyptians’ hands.

But then God said to Moses in verse 10, “you go and deliver My people and bring them out of Egypt “. In other words ” I’ll be the hand, you be the glove”. I’ll deliver My people but you be the instrument I work through. After much persuasion and encouragement on God’s part (Chapters 3 & 4), Moses did go to lead the Children of Israel out of Egypt.

This pattern has repeated itself down through the centuries. God sees a problem, an injustice, a crisis, a need. He comes up with a solution, a means by which His hand will resolve the problem, but He will look for a glove, an instrument, through which His hand can work.

God’s hand is always looking for people it can work through.

That’s His methodology, to work as a hand in a glove!

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