March 3 2016-turn your Nile into deliverance rather than destruction.

In Exodus 1 & 2 the river Nile was the destruction of all male Hebrew babies ( Ch.1:22), except one. For Moses it was his deliverance and salvation, being hidden and preserved floating on it’s surface, to be found and protected by Pharaoh’s daughter ( Ch. 2: 3-10).

All the other male Hebrew babies were drowned in it’s waters, but Moses was drawn out of them, reflected in his name Moses meaning drawn out ( Ch. 2:12)

How did that happen ?

It happened because of faith. We are told Moses’ mother saw he was a beautiful child ( Ch.2:2). In a sense every male Hebrew baby born at that time was beautiful, any baby born is, and consequently no baby should have been drowned. It was blatantly wrong before God and Moses’ mother recognized that and was willing to fight for it. She was willing to put action to what she believed to be true. She feared God more than she feared Pharaoh.

Faith is fighting and putting action to what we believe to be true. It’s fearing God more than anyone or anything else.

It led Moses’ mother to build an ark of bulrushes, daub it with asphalt and pitch, put Moses in it and place him on the river.

Moses’ mother’s faith was as daubed with asphalt and pitch as that ark was. Just as the ark let in no water, and hence stayed above it, keeping Moses safe, so her faith let in no fear or doubt, allowing God to access and intervene in the situation wonderfully orchestrating circumstances, so that Moses was drawn out of the Nile and kept safe.

Moses’ mother did her part and God did his. Her faith turned Moses’ fate from one who was drowned to one who was drawn out.

Like her lets have faith in God, so we turn situations that would drown us, into situations we are drawn out of, turning our Nile’s into places of God’s deliverance rather than the enemy’s destruction.

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