March 2 2016 – a wide place for our feet.

In Psalm 31 David says in verse 7 ” You have known my soul in adversities”. Often when we are in adversity we wonder if God is any where near, never mind knowing our soul, knowing what we’re going through and what’s going on inside us. But that’s what David says, God knows our soul, our thoughts our feelings in adversity, in difficult times. In other words He is very attentive to us, even when it feels like He’s not attentive at all.

And how does He want to help us ? In the next verse David says ” You have set my feet in a wide place”. I think that speaks primarily of the feet of our soul. When we are in adversity it feels as if we are in a very narrow place. It feels as if we are teetering on a tight rope, feeling very unstable and insecure. We fight to get peace and feel safe.

But in adversity, God wants to widen and broaden the ground beneath our feet, so that as we grow in Him, where a certain adversity had our soul balancing on a tightrope, now the feet of our soul find themselves in a wide place. Our soul finds itself at peace, feeling secure even though our circumstances are not.

Coming to the point of experiencing this, doesn’t happen overnight. It comes as we grow in trust in God and as He leads us through experiences that give opportunity for our faith to be stretched and grow.

As this happens we develop a wide place for our feet.


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