February 23 2016-God gets the final word.

At the start of  Genesis 37 we are told the end  of Joseph’s story at the beginning. He had two dreams ( vs.5-10) interpreted correctly by his family as meaning that a day would come when he would reign over his brothers and they and his father would bow down to him.

Joseph was his father’s favourite son receiving a special gift from him of a tunic of many colours ( v.3). Between this and his dreams it gave his brothers reason to hate and envy him ( vs. 4, 11 ). As a result his brothers decided to shut down this dreamer and his dreams, and from most people’s point of view including their own, they succeeded.

Joseph’s brothers were in Shechem feeding Jacob’s sheep ( v.12) . When Joseph was sent by his father to find out how they were, they took the opportunity get rid of their favoured , precocious brother ( v.20). They were going to kill him, but decided in the end to sell him to some Ishmaelite traders who were on their way to Egypt ( v.28). That’s where they took Joseph some 200-300 miles away, taking 10-15 days to get there, where he was sold as a slave ( v.36). That’s the distance from Salmon Arm to Vancouver, which was a long way in a day when camel, donkey or walking were the normal modes of transport.

What could become of Joseph and his grandiose dreams so far away, with him in such a weak vulnerable position. The brothers had kept Joseph’s tunic. They killed a kid goat and dipped his tunic in it’s blood and then sent it to their father, who identified it as Joseph’s and concluded a wild beast had killed him ( v. 31-33).

It really didn’t look good for Joseph. Assumed dead by his father, sold as a slave to a far off land by his brothers.It looked like the brothers not Joseph’s dreams were going to have the final word. Joseph was out of the picture, what could he amount to or do now ?

Yet we’ll find out, that through an amazing string of events, what Joseph dreamed, the message God sent him through his two dreams at the beginning of the story, did come to pass. God had the final word.

However bad, critical, desperate things look, remember God always gets the final word !


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