February 18-Reflecting God through and through.

The story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis 27 & 28 is confusing. Jacob by deceit upon deceit stole the blessing of his father Isaac from his brother Esau ( Gen 27: 6-29), and yet Isaac ( 28:3-4) and God ( 28:13-15) honored Jacob’s desire to be blessed, by both giving Jacob their blessing .

At their birth Rebekah Jacob’s mother had been told by God ( Gen 25:23) that Jacob ( the younger) would serve Esau ( the older), implying the birthright and his father’s blessing belonged to Jacob. It’s likely Rebekah told Jacob the birthright and blessing were in fact his. She may have told him often! We know from Genesis 25:34 that Esau despised his birthright, he took it lightly, and in so doing he took lightly and desired little the things God had promised his grandfather Abraham and father Isaac, to make them a great nation, give them the land they lived in and bless all the earth through their offspring. Jacob had more interest in the birthright and blessing and therefore in the things his ancestors had been promised. In fact he was so anxious to have them he was willing to manipulate his brother ( Gen 25:29-34) and deceive his father ( Gen 27:6-29) to get them.

God honored Jacob’s desire, but didn’t condone how he went about getting it. The desire was good, but over and above that, the manipulation and deceit were not. Those had to be worked out of Jacob and over many years after Jacob’s manipulation and deceit of his own family, Jacob suffered manipulation and deceit at the hands of his own uncle Laban. Being treated with the same unvirtuous behavior he had treated others, I’m sure changed his perspective and did a lot to help him work through his own faults and flaws.

Jacob’s deepest desire was for God, but God still had to deal with the other less desirable parts of his character. Our deepest desire is the most defining, important thing about us. It determines the fundamental direction our life is going in.  Hopefully it is virtuous like Jacob’s, so that more than anything we want God and His ways in our life. But that’s not all that matters. Like Jacob God wants the other parts of our character, to be virtuous as well.

Like Jacob He will take us through whatever it takes,  fine tuning every part us, to look like Him because……God wants us reflecting Him, through and through.


























more than his brother Esau ( who despised ithad a hunger and

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