February 17 2016-Don’t exchange your birthright for some stew !

The story of Esau selling his birthright to Jacob ( Genesis 25:29-34) relates a universal human experience.

It begins by saying Esau came in from the field and was weary. Presumably he’d had a long day ploughing or hunting or working in some way, and in that context of weariness, tiredness and stress he was presented with a choice. Whether to chose something that would make him feel good fast but at the cost of more important things, or whether to excercise self-control and put his feelings at that moment aside, maintaining his hold on those more important things.

Esau was tired, stressed and hungry ( v.29,32) and he asked Jacob for some of the food he had made( v.30). Jacob said he could have it, in exchange for his birthright ( v.31), something far more valuable than that meal. Because of his weary stressed state, Esau lost perspective, confused his values and priorities, choosing the food over his birthright. He took the feel good quick fix over the long haul real solution.

We can do the very same thing, especially when like Esau we are tired or stressed in some way. The stress could be for many reasons, even something like hanging out with the wrong crowd or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We can exchange our birthright, all that God has in store for us and wants us to have, for something that makes us feel good now. Like Esau we can make the mistake of despising our birthright, of undervaluing it and treating it as trivial and therefore trading it in for something cheap, when it’s in fact the most precious thing we have.

Don’t go exchanging your birthright for some stew !

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