February 16 2016-the fruit of a good relationship with God.

How we relate to others, depends on how we relate to God. In Psalm 16 David states his trust in God (v.1) and total depedence on Him for anything good ( v.2) This represents surrender and humility in his relationship with God. That meant God’s grace, His life and power flowed into David’s life, because James 4:6 says “God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble”.

God’s grace in David’s heart had a huge impact on how he viewed and related to others, particularly those who pursued God like himself. His view of them was high and lofty, referring to them as ” the excellent ones” ( v.3, “majestic”, “glorious”, in other versions). Not only did he highly esteem and value them, but he delighted in them, he loved them ( v.3).

If our relationship with God is healthy like David’s, marked by surrender and humility, that is the single most important factor that will positively impact our relationship with others. How we view and relate to them.

Like David our view of them will be high and virteous, because God’s grace will fill our hearts. We will see them as He does. His grace will cause us to love them. In fact we can only relate to others as we should, out of a healthy relationship with God and a healthy relationship with God will “automatically” cause us to see others in a good light and love them.

Good relationships are the fruit of a good relationship with God.



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