February 15 2016-What trumps what ?

In Genesis 24 Abraham is a great example of ordering one’s life on God’s Word. He was concerned that his son Isaac get a wife from his family living back in the country he came from, so he asks his servant to swear he will go there and get Isaac a wife ( v.2-4). The servant asked Abraham what he should do if the woman he found would not leave her country, should he take Isaac back to where Abraham had come from ? (v.5).

At that point Abraham had a dilema. On the one hand he wanted a wife for Isaac from his family and country, he felt that would be best for Isaac, but on the other hand he didn’t want Isaac leaving the land of Canaan. Why ? Because God had specifically said He would give the land to Abraham’s descendants ( v.7), meaning Isaac had to stay there.

So which plan should trump the other. The plan that was ideal, that Isaac should have a wife from Abraham’s family, even if it meant Isaac had to move back to where Abraham came from ? Or should what God had said trump that idea. Trump the concern that Isaac have a wife from Abraham’s family.

Notice how sternly Abraham responds to his servant’s suggestion, “Beware that you do not take my son back there” ( v.6). In effect  Abraham said to this to his servant, ” Whatever you do don’t take Isaac back to where I came from “. He even released his servant from the oath he was going to take, if the woman he found was not willing to follow him back, reiterating that whatever he did, the servant must not take Isaac to his homeland ( v. 8).

Why was Abraham so adamant that Isaac could not go back to where Abraham had come from. Because it contradicted God’s word, it would be acting against His word. For Abraham that was not an option. All plans were trumped by God’s Word.

There’s a lesson in that for us. Any plans, ideas and agendas we have that contradict God’s Word, should be trumped by it. His general Word to us through the Bible ( often referred to by the Greek term, “logos” word ) and those specific prophetic words and revelations he gives us personally ( rhema words).


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