February 12 2016-relating to God: intimacy & compassion.

In Genesis 18 & 19 we learn something important about God and Abraham and we’re given the account of a touching, endearing, very human exchange that took place between them ( 18:16-33).

The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was on God’s heart, and He wanted to find out whether it was as great as the outcry suggested, so He was going to go and see for Himself ( 18: 20,21). God didn’t make the assumption from a distance that the sin was as bad as things suggested. He wanted to check first hand before He judged and punished the city ( 18: 21). Then just as we debate whether to share a concern, a burden that’s on our heart with a friend, God asked Himself if He should hide from Abraham what He was about to do ( 18: 17 ). Of course Abraham had a vested interest with his nephew Lot living in Sodom. God decided to bear his heart to Abraham and tell Him His plan ( 18:20,21). In all this we see God’s compassion and His desire to share with us, what’s on His heart.

After God bared his heart, Abraham bared his, repeatedly asking God if he would destroy Sodom if there was a certain number of righteous people in it, lowering the number time after time ( 18:23-33). Lot’s well being was on Abraham’s heart, as he dialogued with God. God patiently responded to Abraham each time that for less and less righteous people, He wouldn’t destroy the city. Now we see Abraham’s compassion in his concern for Lot, and how like God, Abraham talked to God about what was on his heart.

God’s compassion continued to be displayed. From what transpired it’s evident there weren’t even 10 righteous people in Sodom, the last number Abraham proposed, yet God still rescued Lot and the members of his family who would escape with him ( 19:12-23).

In these 2 chapters we see two important elements of a healthy relationship with God. Intimacy and compassion. God sharing His heart with us, expressing His compassion as He does so, and us pouring out what’s on our heart to Him, hopefully expressing that compassion in return.

Relationship with God, it’s all about intimacy and compassion.

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