February 11 2016-don’t give the enemy anything to aim at !

Psalm 11 tells us, the only truly effective way to deal with our problems. It opens “In the Lord I put my trust”. Trusting God is the only way we will prevent our problems controlling and shaping our lives, because it is only in trusting God that we let go of them. Anything else we do, our problems remains ours. They remain attached to us.

The psalmist reflects on what we often do. We’re inclined to deal with problems by escaping from them, burying them and distancing our self from them. We do this, by fleeing as a bird to our own mountain ( v.1), by dealing with them in our own wisdom and strength, our security being in our self rather than God.

The mistake in that, is that we haven’t really let go of our problems, and as long as they remain attached to us, they are like a great big flashing target for the enemy Satan to shoot his arrows at, wounding and hurting us. His arrows include fear, worry, jealousy, pride, addictions to name a few. Whatever mental gymnastics or contortions we do, how ever much we try to bury them, escape them, skirt around them, numb them, or forget about them, our problems are still attached to us, and therefore the enemy’s arrows will find us, even in the most “secret”, intimate  places of our heart, as described in verse 2.

The only way to detach ourselves from our problems, is to trust God with them. In doing so we hand them over to Him and will experience the benefit, to the degree we walk that out, refusing to worry, to pick up and carry our problems once we’ve handed them over to Him. Refusing to be anxious about them.

Let’s grow in trusting God, in truly handing our problems over to Him. Otherwise they act as a great big target for the enemy’s arrows.

Trust God and don’t give him anything to aim at !

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