February 10 2016-God heals our fatherlessness.

Psalm 10 talks about the wicked’s oppression of the poor, and how they seek to bring down the helpless (v 10). Verse 14 identifies the fatherless among those the wicked attack. The fatherless are helpless because they are vulnerable. Not having had a father leaves them weak, open and prone to certain lines of attack.

What the fatherless are prone to is spelled out in verse 11, talking of the wicked’s thoughts about the helpless, that they are forgotten by God, who has hid His face and doesn’t see them. That is exactly what the fatherless tend to believe about themselves, that they are forgotten, alone, abandoned, their plight unknown. They believe this because they lacked closeness, support, faithfulness and presence in their life, from their own fathers’. They were forgotten, alone and abandoned by their Dads’, and their experience is understandably projected onto other father figures in their life, including God. The wicked capitalize on that, trying to convince the fatherless that what they think, is true.

Many have experienced fatherlessness of varying degrees, from those who had no father physically present in their life, to those who’s father was physically present but for some reason was absent otherwise. The effect on a person is the same, a gnawing insecurity of varying degrees.

When the wicked, Satan and demonic forces, try to capitalize on this weakness in us due to fatherlessness we’ve experienced, we must resist what they or our experience tell us is true.

Verse 14 gives us the solution, speaking of God it says ” But you have seen, for You observe trouble and grief, to repay it by Your hand “.

God sees us our plight, His eye is on us when those thoughts of abandonment roll in, he observes our trouble and grief, he is not ignorant, uninterested or unconcerned about our situation, and He will repay it by His hand. In other words He’ll come to rescue and help us.

When feelings of loneliness and insecurity press in on us, we must stay plugged into the truth, the presence of God in our life our good perfect Father, and not believe what the wicked and experience tell us.

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