February 8 2016-let go and you’ll get it all !

Genesis 13 & 14 teach us an important lesson. Chapter 13 tells us the land was not able to support Abraham and his herds as well as Lot ( Abraham’s nephew) and his (v.6). So Abraham relinquished control, let go, giving preference to Lot, letting him chose which part of the country he would live in. Lot chose the land that looked the best, most fertile (v.10), while Abraham left it in God’s hands where he would live. It seemed Lot got the better end of the deal. Lot got the best land, but Abraham got God. Lot got the strong position, while Abraham got the weak, but in trusting God, it drew God more into Abraham’s life and affairs, with the blessing that comes with that.

The out come ? We find that out a chapter later in chapter 14, where the tables have turned. Lot is a captive, weak, while Abraham is in the position of strength, a warrior who goes after Lot’s captors and frees his nephew.

Lot began in the strong position of a fertile place to live, while Abraham was in the weak. In letting go and leaving the issue of his well being in God’s hands, and choosing God over fighting and competing with Lot, Abraham chose well. He got God and  soon had everything else thrown in, and was in a better position than Lot.

When we let go and leave our welfare in God’s hands, refusing to wrangle and  compete with others, outwardly our position may seem weak, but in real terms we are stronger and richer than ever. We get God and soon get all we need thrown in.

So let go and you’ll get it all!


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