February 5 2016-The few degrees that make all the difference.

David says in Psalm 5:3 “And I will look up”. In Psalm 3:3, he makes a closely related statement, speaking of God “my glory and the One who lifts up my head”. God lifts up our head, he wants us to and makes us look up. Both in terms of how we see ourselves and how we approach life.

If we “look down”, in how we see ourselves, at how we behave and perform at times, it can be a depressing picture, causing us shame. If we define our identity and value by that, we can go from looking down, to hanging our head down! But if we look up, look up at God and see the smile on His face at beholding us, the pleasure He has in the fact we are His children, the love and value He lavishes on us, the power He offers us to live by and the grace He extends when we fail, it’s a much brighter picture. Looking up gives us reason to hold our head up, because of the value He attributes to us.

As we approach life, do we look down or up? Do we look down at our circumstances and what’s going on around us, and interpret, understand God and life through that lens, or do we look up at God first, His love & faithfulness no matter what, and interpret and understand life, our circumstances and what’s going on around us, through that lens.

It makes a huge difference. If we look up first, and take our cue from God, we have a very positive view of ourselves and life. If we look down and view ourselves and circumstances devoid of what God says about them, it can be a depressing, hopeless picture.

Lets follow the Psalmists example “I will look up”. That slight tilt of our inner eyes and perspective, those few degrees from down to up, make a world of difference.


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